Workplace design considerations for today’s evolving workplace landscape.

As companies around the globe evaluate how to best utilize their existing and future office real estate most effectively and efficiently, they continue to reevaluate their uses of space and return-to-work strategies.

MCX Interior remains dedicated to helping clients find the right innovative workplace solutions to support their business objectives and help them move forward in the right directions.

Below you will find a few ways to increase your potential, become more resilient and enhance your company culture in today’s evolving workplace landscape.


Increase your potential by focusing on employee wellness.

Create a space that encourages health, wellness, and productivity. Design trends that support employee wellness include:

• Proper lighting (natural or artificial) can elevate moods while making the workspace ambiance cheerful.

• Biophilic design brings nature inside to reduce stress, improve cognitive function, creativity and improve well-being.

• Sit-stand desks and ergonomic seating.

• Activity-based working encourages employees to move around to various work settings suited for their tasks at hand.

• Telephone booths and quiet zones can help employees focus in an open office environment.

• Make environmentally friendly design choices to help reduce the environmental impact of the workplace and improve indoor air quality.

• Implement measures to create a safe and secure environment.


Become more resilient with adaptable and flexible design solutions.

Companies can increase potential and maximize space efficiency with an open-plan office with neighborhoods.

• This allows for a mix of formal and informal work settings suited for focus or collaborative work and will empower employees to work from anywhere.

• Open visibility within the office and tech integration enables colleagues to collaborate more seamlessly and virtually.

• Absence of fixed seating and use of movable furniture also allows offices to adapt easily to changes.

• Implement the right technology solutions to improve communication, collaboration and overall efficiency.


Enhance your culture with an engaging environment to connect with your employees and customers.

• Create destinations to unite employees, build community and encourage collaboration and spontaneous interactions.

• Incorporate the company’s brand into the workplace to create a sense of identity and pride among employees.

• Create a diverse and inclusive workplace that infuses local identity.