What are the benefits and cautions of using occupancy sensors?​

With the office landscape changing due to the global pandemic and remote working on the rise, many businesses and organizations have begun seeking MCX Interior’s help identifying ways to create safer work environments and efficiently use their space.​ 

Occupancy sensors constitute one powerful tool to inform them with data-driven recommendations that create fit-for-purpose spaces aligned with their business goals and costs to ultimately optimize and future-proof their workplaces.

Here are a list of cautions and benefits to consider:  


• Accurately measure person-to-desk ratios and easily find space for new employees. 
• Benchmark your data to identify and reduce space wastage. 
• Sensors with advanced features can provide employees with real-time feeds of available desks and meeting rooms. 


• High costs can lead to limited timeframes for data collection.  MCX Interior can provide expert consultation and advice on how to contain costs while obtaining appropriate amounts of information for your specific needs.​ 
• Sensor accuracy due to false triggering.  MCX Interior can help you select appropriate sensors and install using best practices to achieve desirable results.​ 
• Security and privacy concerns can arise with sensors able to capture personally identifiable information.  MCX Interior stands ready to discuss and help you consider ways to predict and address any such concerns.​ 
• Sometimes a variety of different types of sensors can best capture “the bigger picture”.  MCX Interior can advise on the optimal arrangement considering your budget and specific objectives.​ 

However, proper investment can result in great payoffs!​

Contact MCX Interior to learn more about sensors and if this tool could benefit to your business.