Liftoff and Vungle

Beijing | 15,000 square feet

Project overview

Vungle, once again, engaged MCX Interior to help them remodel their Beijing office to reflect the company’s merger with Liftoff to form a leading independent mobile growth platform. Vungle envisioned a membership-only club-style workplace that would reflect their new branding, accommodate their growing staff and impress their fintech customer base.

Design concept

The design curates a creative environment for Liftoff and Vungle that allows employees to innovate and engage with each other in a comfortable and tactile environment that offers a sense of hospitality to create a welcoming environment that elevates their overall experience.

The space encourages choreographed and organic collaboration, with amenities and social gathering areas strategically placed for accessibility to all.

Why MCX Interior

MCX Interior’s innovative and creative design effectively uses the overall space and creates an inviting and inspiring workplace. This new office’s design reflects Singapore’s historical site’s character and spirit both inside and out and captures Vungle’s commitment to offering their employees an innovative, creative and inspiring space to work.