Global Acoustics Company

Shenzhen | 25,133 square feet

Project overview

When it came time for our client to upgrade their operations by moving from its already impressive Shenzhen, China offices to a newer, larger and more modern office space, they engaged MCX Interior. MCX Interior helped them identify a suitable space and design and build an unrivaled collection of sound and other laboratories, demonstration rooms, testing and other facilities, all encapsulated within a new, dynamic, modern office with internal aesthetics rivaled only by the breathtaking panorama of its 93rd and 94th-floor views of the city, mountain and ocean.

Design concept

The new office design combines waves and elements from the sea to create an aesthetically pleasing modern interpretation of the company’s brand fused with Shenzhen’s local identity. Waves can carry sound and light, and the sea pays homage to Shenzhen’s history as a thriving fishing village. Like sound waves, the sea waves bring beautiful shells from the ocean to the shoreline for people to experience and enjoy.
The reception area’s logo wall curvature and floor pattern mimic the beach’s shoreline to entice visitors toward the experiences that lie beyond. Then, into the office area, subtle references to the sea – abstractions of waves, shells, fishing nets and boats – inspire subtle yet eye-catching design details in the wall features, floor patterns and lighting design that bring delightful experiences with meaningful stories to tell.

Why MCX Interior

MCX Interior’s design truly reflects the company’s brand and local culture to create an unparalleled workplace for the most discerning audio specialists in all of Asia. This workplace is destined to contribute to keeping their existing team members happy in their “technical playground” while attracting new talent and engaging with their employees, customers and others.