Baker McKenzie

Beijing | 5,200 square feet

Project overview

A prominent international law firm, Baker McKenzie, engaged MCX Interior to design an office that fully embraces activity-based working to create a dynamic and productive working environment. The open office concept is a modern approach to designing an office for a legal firm as privacy and hierarchy, as well as other factors play an essential role.

Design concept

The new office introduces different ways of working best suited to the task at hand.  Employees can pick from eight (8) different work settings that will help optimize their productivity.  A variety of different furniture settings are strategically dispersed throughout the office for easy access.  Some desks are height adjustable for healthy ergonomics; some work settings are placed closer to the window to allow access to natural light.  Smaller rooms and phone booths are available for short-term use to help mitigate privacy and plenty of formal and informal spaces to collaborate.  Partners have enclosed offices but that can be converted into meeting rooms when not in use.

Why MCX Interior

MCX Interior’s design for Baker McKenzie’s new activity-based office showcases how an open modern approach can work for a legal firm and how design solutions can mitigate the unique requirements for legal offices.